turtle tank water filter for sale online, buy reptile supplies near me
turtle tank water filter for sale online, buy reptile supplies near me
turtle tank water filter for sale online, buy reptile supplies near me

Turtle Clean Canister Filter

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External canister filter for turtle tanks, vivariums, Box Turtle pools, or Turtle Tubs.
  • Provides greater aeration with the included spraybar.
  • Removable hose-connecting device.
  • Adjustable flow control system.
  • Easy-to-open filter head.
  • Calibrated anti-vibration bushings.
  • Space saving device.


Zoo Med Turtle Clean External Canister Filter - Turtle Clean Canister Filter & Turtle Tank Filter. Your favorite shelled friend deserves a clean tank with clear water to swim in and enjoy. As a turtle parent, you also want to be able to watch your pet in a pristine environment. The Zoo Med Turtle Clean 511 Turtle Tank External Canister Filter provides three stages of filtration to keep the water in your turtle's tank clean and clear. This Turtle Clean canister filter includes a spray bar, which can provide greater aeration. The clear viewing case of this turtle tank filter allows you to see when the filter media needs to be replaced. Replacement is easy with this Turtle Clean canister filter's easy-to-open filter head. The Zoo Med Turtle Clean 511 Turtle Tank External Canister Filter also provides an adjustable flow control system so you can determine the strength of the water flow through the filter. The calibrated anti-vibration bushings of this turtle tank filter help provide a quiet and relaxing environment for your favorite reptile. The Zoo Med Turtle Clean 511 Turtle Tank External Canister Filter can filter tanks in a variety of sizes. Whether you have one little turtle or a whole family of shelled friends, this Turtle Clean canister filter can help make sure their water stays clean. Not only will your turtle buddy (or buddies) enjoy a fresh and healthy home, but you'll also find that you don't have to clean the tank as much. A nice clean turtle tank will also increase your viewing pleasure and can be a conversation piece if it is placed in a visible area of your home. Keep pets comfy and their home clean with an effective, quality turtle tank filter. External canister filter for turtle tanks, vivariums, Box Turtle pools, or Turtle Tubs. 

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    Great customer service, high quality reptiles!

    J. Washington
    Los Angeles, CA

    Shipping priority overnight makes delivery safe. The package was shipped with a propper heat pack and cryo pack.

    B. Parker
    Seattle, WA

    My pet ate right away!

    A. Alvarez
    Memphis, TN