"The Shop"

About Us

Imperial Reptiles and Exotics started as just a thought of a young man who wanted to take his love for reptiles and share it with the world (or West Kendall, you can choose the narrative.) Hi my name is Alex Estrada, founder and CEO of Imperial Reptiles. I started this company as Imperial Geckos when I was 16 years old, breeding African Fat Tail Geckos out of my moms' garage, much to her dislike.

At Imperial Reptiles we strive to give every customer a unique buying experience.  We specialize in African Fat Tail Geckos, Monitors, Lizards, Colubrids, Ball Pythons, Boas and more! If you haven’t done so already, come into the store and check us out. We’ll be sure to give you the Imperial Treatment!

All the best,

Alex Estrada
CEO and Founder
Imperial Reptiles & Exotics, LLC