High End Crested Gecko Baby (Collector/Breeder Quality)

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Baby High End Crested Geckos for sale!

Size: 3-6". CB. 4+ grams

Why are these High End Geckos Cheaper?

Taking pictures of baby Crested Geckos can be very time consuming. We simply cant take pictures of all of them. We have established this special pricing for our High End Crested Gecko babies that will help us find babies new homes and give our customers a great deal. When individually photographed these geckos will usually sell for $150-250, sometimes more. If your looking for a great looking gecko at a great price, give this a try... No Average geckos here!

The following and more may be included in these groups

  • Full Pinstripes (& Full Pin Phantoms)
  • Quad Stripes & Phantom Quads
  • Red Pinstripes & Phantoms
  • Yellow/Orange Pinstripes (C2/Citrus) & Phantoms
  • Tangerine Pinstripe Crosses & Phantoms (Lavender/Black & Yellow/Orange Bases)
  • Halloween Pinstripes & Phantoms
  • Red Dalmatians 
  • C2 Citrus Yellow/Orange Tiger Dalmatians
  • Phantom Pinstripe Dalmatians (Various Colors)
  • Extreme Harlequins (only if they’re extremes - no standard harlequins)