Spider Wood (XL & XXL)


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Zoo Med Spider Wood makes a great decoration for aquariums and terrariums. It closely mimics the true wood. It looks so natural that it will be difficult for reptiles to know the difference. Ideal for both terrariums and aquariums, it is completely safe. It is made using no toxins and therefore won't cause any harm to your pet. This spider wood has spider-like limbs making it great for snakes and climbing lizards. Since it is quite low in tannins, it won't discolor your aquarium water. They have spider-like limbs, making them great for climbing lizards and snake. Excellent for Paludariums and planted tank set-ups. Natural Spider Wood Root is a unique feature for aquariums and terrariums! It sinks in water after 10 days anchored with weights and helps create the perfect 'mangrove' aqua scape. It can be used as a substrate for growing aquatic mosses and plants. In terrariums, Spider Wood adds a multi-dimensional feature that supports tropical and arid landscapes. It creates perfect branches for Spanish or green sphagnum mosses and very interesting perches for birds or basking reptiles.


*Spider Wood is a naturally grown product. Sizes are approximate and may vary.

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