Terms & Conditions

Imperial Reptiles & Exotics, LLC guarantees our animals to be alive and healthy upon arrival. If you have any questions or concerns, we expect you to call us first (we are open 7 days a week). We do not guarantee animals that are not signed for on the first delivery attempt. You must be there and sign for your animal delivery. All animal shipments are shipped FedEx Priority Overnight directly to your door. Live arrival can only be guaranteed when temperatures upon arrival are between 35-90 degrees fahrenheit. This temperature range is EXTENDED to 25 - 95 degrees fahrenheit upon arrival if you opt to have your live animals held for pickup at a main FedEx Hub. If the package is delayed by the carrier, our guarantee does not apply, but we will do our best during packaging to ensure the survival of your reptile during a potential delay. We also guarantee the sexing of our animals. If they are listed as males or females at our website, they are guaranteed to be as such. A "pair" is one male, and one female. All captive bred (CB) animals will be labeled, if not, animal is assumed to be field collected (WC). Internal issues on imported animals are not included under our guarantee; it is an outward health guarantee only on imported animals. Please be aware of what you are purchasing, and do the proper research (and ask us, as we are very happy to help!). All field collected animals are HANDPICKED to ensure only the best stock possible. Our guarantee is void if you do not have the proper environment to house the animal in (for example, putting a bearded dragon in a plastic kritter keeper is not appropriate). This includes temperature, bedding, and proper lighting. We make every effort to pack animals according to your weather conditions, but can not guarantee animals when your daytime high temperature is above 90, or your daytime high temperature is below 35 degrees upon arrival. Imperial Reptiles & Exotics, LLC is not responsible for freight/shipping charges on the replacement of animals, and there are no cash refunds of any kind, store credit only. Payment Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and pre-payment by USPS postal money order are acceptable. We DO NOT accept personal checks. All shipments must paid in advance. For money order payments being mailed to us, we will put a 24 hour courtesy hold on animals to wait for payment if you contact us by phone to let us know what animal you are ordering. FL residents add 7.00% sales tax. Shipping Terms Live arrival can only be guaranteed when temperatures in route are between 35-90 degrees fahrenheit. Dead on arrivals (DOA's) or any problems with the shipment must be notified to me within 4 hours of the package arriving. If there is a carrier delay we can not guarantee live arrival, but we will do everything we can prior to shipping to make sure your reptile can survive a potential delay. Someone must be present at time of delivery to sign for package for the first delivery attempt, if not the live arrival guarantee is void. If package is held at FedEx Hub for pick up, must be picked up within 4 hours if not guarantee is void. By ordering from our website you agree to the terms above. PLEASE NOTE - Most photos of reptiles for sale in our shopping cart are visual representatives of the species and may not be the exact animal you receive. By ordering you acknowledge both the terms of our Live Arrival Guarantee as well as policies. Most photos are copyrighted by us and they are our intellectual property. Others are the best representatives we found of the particular animal from free stock images on google and other websites that offer free non-copyrighted, commercial use, pictures. If by chance your photo is shown on our site, and it is not for commercial use, please advise us so we can remove it.