keeping your pet in a bio active set up

Should you keep your pet Bio Active?

So, you're thinking about getting a pet. Maybe a dog or cat? How about a reptile or amphibian? Now we're talking! Many people enjoy keeping these unique animals as pets, but it's important to provide them with a suitable habitat that mimics their natural environment. And if you really want to take your reptile or amphibian ownership to the next level, you need to keep them in bio active naturalistic enclosures. In this blog post, we will explore the world of keeping reptiles and amphibians in bio active naturalistic enclosures.

bio active vivarium

Having a mini jungle in your living room

Who needs a boring old houseplant when you can have a whole ecosystem right in your living room? Bio active naturalistic enclosures recreate the natural habitats of reptiles and amphibians, complete with live plants, soil, and even microorganisms. One of the greatest benefits of bio active naturalistic enclosures is that they allow reptiles and amphibians to exhibit their natural behaviors. For example, a bio active enclosure with a water feature allows amphibians to swim and soak, which is essential for their overall well-being. Similarly, providing branches and rocks for climbing enables arboreal reptiles to exercise their natural climbing instincts. By creating an environment that supports their natural behaviors, we can ensure that these animals lead fulfilling lives.

Another main benefit of bio active naturalistic enclosures is the positive impact they have on the mental health of reptiles and amphibians. The naturalistic environment also encourages natural behaviors, such as climbing, burrowing, and foraging, which helps keep them mentally stimulated and alleviate stress. Stress can have a significant impact on the health of reptiles and amphibians. When these animals feel secure and comfortable, their immune system functions optimally, making them less susceptible to diseases and infections.

It's low maintenance (yes, really!)

bio active terrarium

Creating a bio active naturalistic enclosure can be more expensive compared to traditional setups. The cost of live plants, specialized soil, and other materials can add up quickly. However, keeping reptiles and amphibians in bio active naturalistic enclosures is relatively low maintenance. The live plants help maintain humidity levels, reduce odors, and even filter the air. Plus, the microorganisms (i.e. isopods and springtails) in the soil break down waste, so you don't have to clean up after your exotic pet as often. It's like having a self-cleaning pet. Who wouldn't want that?

bio active enclosure

Become a Bio Active Keeper!

Keeping reptiles and amphibians in bio active naturalistic enclosures offers numerous benefits for both the animals and their owners. From improved physical and mental health to enhanced natural behaviors and reduced stress, these enclosures provide a more natural and enriching environment for these captivating creatures. If you're considering keeping reptiles or amphibians as pets, consider setting up a bio active naturalistic enclosure to provide them with the best possible care.

In addition, bio active vivariums can also provide educational opportunities for pet keepers of all ages. Observing the interactions between the plants, microorganisms, and your exotic pets can teach valuable lessons about ecology and the interconnectedness of living organisms. It's a hands-on way to learn about the natural world and foster a deeper appreciation for your pet.



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