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3 Reasons Why You Should Shop For Reptile and Reptile Supplies Online

Week #1 of our website update is in the books! Overall, it went pretty smooth on the backend and you all must have been feeling some type of way because the sales were great… I can’t thank you enough!

I was ecstatic receiving orders on our new website for reptile supplies. There’s no doubt we have the largest selection of reptiles and reptile supplies near Orlando, but we have now set a new goal to have the largest selection of reptiles and reptile supplies online!

Here are the top 3 reasons why first time pet owners and established merchants are turning to online shopping as their new norm.


cheap reptiles for sale

Savings and Low Prices

Competition is tough! This means retailers will list low priced reptiles and reptile products for sale online in order to stay competitive. Don’t mistake cheap reptile supplies for low priced reptile supplies. Good online retailers will sell the best reptile supplies for the lowest price they can without sacrificing quality or your reptiles health (i.e. Imperial, ZooMed, ExoTerra, Arcadia, Zilla, Lugarti).

Here at Imperial Reptiles, we pride ourselves in supplying premium reptile products and we take a deep dive into going rates for the products so we can offer a great price to our customers. Not to mention, GAS IS EXPENSIVE… thank whoever you want! Shopping for quality reptile and reptile supplies online at low prices will save you money and who doesn’t love saving money on gas.


Fast Shipping and Convenience 

fast shipping for reptiles

Sometimes you know what you want and in just of few clicks you can finish the transaction for your new pet reptile. Should shopping for your new pet reptile online be that quick? Good online retailers will have customer support via email or phone so they are easy to reach with all your questions. Now your questions are out of the way and you are ready to receive your new pet reptile and it's necessary reptile products. Lets we can talk about quick!

We get it, It's 2022 and you can’t beat convenience in the days of COVID, UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub… I think its safe to say WE LOVE QUICK DELIVERY! You just can’t beat the safety and comfort of shopping for reptile supplies online from your home. We do our best to make sure that our pet reptiles and reptile supplies leave our door as soon as possible, weather permitting of course.


More Time With Your Reptile

Weekends are precious. As Reptile Keepers we all want to spend as much time as we can with our reptiles. Instead of driving around and running errands you can spend time with your reptiles, interacting, using tongs and food for some enrichment, making improvements to their reptile terrarium or reptile habitat, or just laying around the house watching Imperial Reptiles on Youtube with your pet bearded dragon or pet ball python.


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Our Annual UVB SALE continues through January 31st. SAVE 15% OFF UVB, Mercury Vapor Bulbs, and Select Fixtures AT CHECKOUT. 

We are now receiving new supply and live animal shipments every week! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with new arrivals, promos, and discounts.

Have a great week Imperial Army!!! 



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