ivory northern blue tongue skinks for sale

Ivory Northern Blue Tongue Skink

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ivory northern blue tongue skink

What is an Ivory Blue Tongue Skink?

The new Ivory Northern Blue Tongue Skinks are a mutation that can look similar to the Ivory Ball Python or Black Eye Leucistic Rainbow Boas. They are born primarily white with a variation of yellow patterns. This yellow pattern generally goes away as the animal ages. So, as it reaches adulthood you have a beautiful white northern blue tongue skink.

What makes Ivory Blue Tongues Rare?

Ivory Northern Blue Tongue Skinks


Due to strict Import and Export laws regarding Australian Animals, generally speaking we are only left with a finite amount of bloodlines in the USA. Therefore, there are not many true genetic mutations of Northern Blue Tongue Skinks in the USA that are not Polygenically produced. Some of the Polygenic blue tongues are the Pitch Black Lines, Fuego Lines, Magma Lines, Sunrise Lines, Sunset Lines, and of course Turner White Lines. 

Turner White Blue Tongue Skinks are not the same as Ivory Blue Tongue Skinks. That is because turner whites are born like normal or "classic" Northern Blue Tongue Skinks and as the name implies they "turn white" as they age. But, the amount of white they get varies greatly. These Ivory Blue Tongues on the other hand, are genetically white and work like a recessive mutation.


Care for these are no different than any other northern blue tongue skink out there! They are a pricey animal as they are extremely rare, and of course as they get bred throughout the next few years, prices may drop. This is a great project for aspiring northern blue tongue skink breeders as it is generally NEW. Working on this project can set you apart from the crowd by having something rare that many people do not. 

What can be done with an all white skink except for producing more all white skinks? Believe it or not, there is still so much potential. I recommend looking at the variable ball pythons that are primarily white, but can get pattern and some color by mixing in certain mutations. The future is bright for this project and we implore any northern blue tongue skink lover and breeder to jump in on this project while its new!


 ivory northern blue tongue skinks for sale


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