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3 Tips for Feeding Your Reptile Right

Feeding your reptile the right amount and size of food is crucial for their health and well-being. Reptiles have specific dietary requirements, and as they grow, their nutritional needs change. So, when is it time to feed your reptile larger meals? 

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Consider: Age & Size

The age & size of your reptile play a significant role in determining when to increase their meal size. Young reptiles usually require more frequent feedings and smaller prey items, as they are still growing and developing. As they mature and reach adulthood, their growth rate slows down, and they can handle larger meals.

Lizards, Skinks, Geckos, Colubrids, Pythons, Boas, Turtles, Tortoises and all of the species in those groups have different food necessities so it always best to understand the needs of your specific animal. I.e. young lizards may feed every day or every other day on small crickets that are roughly the size of their head, they may only eat 5-10 crickets per meal. Most snakes on the other hand will take an appropriately sized rodent every 5-7 days as babies and will eat much larger rodents every 7-14 days.

Consider: Growth Rate

how to feed your reptile

Monitoring your reptile's growth rate is essential in determining when to adjust their meal size. If your reptile is growing rapidly and maintaining a healthy weight, it may be time to increase their meal size. On the other hand, if their growth rate has slowed or they are becoming overweight, it's important to reassess their feeding schedule and portion sizes.

when to feed your reptile

Consider: Activity

observing your reptile's feeding response can provide valuable insights into their hunger levels. If your reptile consistently finishes their meals quickly and shows signs of hunger shortly after feeding, it may be an indication that they are ready for larger meals. However, if they show disinterest in their food or take a long time to consume it, it may be a sign that their current meal size is sufficient. Also, reptiles that are more active and engage in regular exercise require more calories to fuel their energy needs. If your reptile is highly active and constantly on the move, it may be necessary to increase their meal size to ensure they are getting enough nutrients. 



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