whties tree frog care sheet

White’s Tree Frog Care Sheet

 White's Tree Frog a.k.a Dumpy Tree Frog or Litoria caerulea

whties tree frog care

White’s Tree Frog

White's Tree Frogs, also known as Dumpy Tree Frogs or Australian Green Tree Frogs, are a species of tree frogs native to Australia and nearby Indonesian Islands. They are nocturnal and arboreal by nature, meaning they are most active in the trees during the night. They have a distinctive appearance with a bright green and sometimes bluish color. They  love to eat, have a lot of personality and funny stares making them a popular pet. They are a hardy species tolerant to higher temperatures and ranges in humidity making them a great choice for a first time frog keeper.  

whties tree frog care

White's Tree Frog Care

When caring for White's Tree Frogs in captivity, it is important to provide proper care. This includes a spacious terrarium with plenty of climbing areas and foliage. An 18x18x24 is great for 1 Adult Frog and a 18x18x36 can house 2-3 Adult Frogs. Make sure to include plenty of hiding places and visual barriers to make your frogs feel secure and a large water area to help with humidity, you may notice your frogs soaking too. The enclosure should be misted daily by hand or misting system to maintain high humidity levels of  60-90%. The temperature should be kept between 72-75°F with a basking area of 80-85°F  during the day and not fall below 70°F at night. They are insectivores and feed on a diet of live insects such as gut loaded crickets, roaches, and worms dusted with vitamin powder

frog care sheet

White's Tree Frogs For Sale in the Pet Trade

White's Tree Frogs have been successfully bred in captivity, and breeding efforts are ongoing. Captive Bred White’s Tree Frogs are common and readily  available through the pet stores as well as at reptile expos and online vendors.  Wild Caught White’s Tree frogs from Indonesia  are also available a few times a year form select vendors and usually are sold as adults. Wild Caught frogs are not recommended for beginner hobbyists.



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