tree skink care sheet

Tree Skink Care Sheet

General Tree Skink care for Emerald Tree Skinks (Lamprolepis smaragdina) and Solomon Island Black Tree Skinks (Emoia nigra). Additional research may apply
tree skink care
Intro to the Tree Skink 
Tree Skinks are small, diurnal, arboreal lizards. The most commonly kept varities are Emerald Tree Skinks (Lamprolepis smaragdina) and Solomon Island Black Tree Skinks (Emoia nigra). They can get just under a foot long and they can live around 5+ years in captivity. Tree Skinks are shy animals, but with patience and work they can be rewarding pets.
skink care sheet
Tree Skink Care
Tree Skinks feed readily on a variety of insects dusted with multivitamins and calcium. Since they utilize so much arboreal space, decorating their enclosures with foliage, branches, and logs will help them feel safe and offer enrichment. The absolute minimum terrarium size for a Tree Skink is an 18 x 18 x 24 enclosure. They do well with a hot spot of 95 degrees F, an ambient temperature of 75 degrees F, and a humidity level of ~70%. The humidity can easily be achieved with proper substrate like Eco Earth, ReptiSoil, or Coco mixed with Moss. I recommend Tropical UVB for this species.
skink care
Tree Skinks For Sale in the Pet Trade
Tree Skinks growing in popularity, though Captive Bred animals are not readily available. Wild Caught Imported Animals are commonly brought into the USA. Imported animals may have a negative stigma, these are brought in legally with proper paperwork and in quantities that are allowed through governing laws. If you are passionate about tree skinks, breeding these may be a great opportunity for you!


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