short tail python care sheet

Short-Tailed Python Care Sheet

Short Tail Python a.k.a Red Blood Python (Python brongersmai), Borneo Short Tail Python (Python breitensteini), Sumatran "Black Blood" Python (Python curtis)

short tail python care

Intro to Short Tail Pythons

Short-Tailed Pythons come in three varieties. Red Blood Pythons, Sumatran "Black Blood" Short-Tail Pythons, and Borneo Short-Tail Pythons. These Asian pythons range in size from ~4 feet for Borneo and Sumatran Short-Tails, and up to 6 feet for Red Blood pythons. They are currently rapidly growing in popularity as more color and pattern morphs become available. Though they have been known to have a "snappy" attitude, as we continue to breed and work with them they are taming out through generations.

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Short Tail Python Care

Short-Tail pythons are primarily ground dwelling and rarely take advantage of vertical space. Babies can start in a 20 gallon tank and will grow into 6x2 enclosures as adults. These pythons need a solid hiding spot, water dish, and a basking spot. They need a basking temperature of 86-88 degrees with an ambient temperature of 78-80 and ~70% humidity. You may use either an Under Tank Heaters to achieve proper heating. You may decorate their enclosure as you please, decorations like foliage help with enrichment. For Short-Tail Pythons we recommend Coco Mulch, Eco Earth, or ReptiSoil as a substrate.

These are girth-y! But, but that doesn't mean they should start on large meals. Baby Short-Tail Pythons start to feed on fuzzy or hopper mice and will move into large rats into adulthood. We recommend feeding these every 7-14 days as babies and 14-21 days for adults. Blood and Short-Tailed Pythons have enormous appetites and slow metabolisms, a combination that can easily lead to obesity if they’re overfed.

python care sheet

Short Tail Pythons For Sale in the Pet Trade

You can find these pythons at almost any reptile show or reptile shop for sale. Like other pythons, these lay eggs once a year if bred and cared for properly. Though they can be prolific, breeding Short-Tailed Pythons is best kept for experienced keepers. Owning them, on the other hand, can be done with success for responsible keepers of any experience level.



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