scorpion care sheet

Scorpion Care Sheet

General care for multiple species or Scorpions. Additional research may apply.

caring for scorpions

Scorpions - One of the most Popular Invertebrates

Arguably some of the most low maintenance animals available as pets, invertebrates come in all shapes and sizes and are very interesting animals to keep. Scorpions for sale are one of the most popular invertebrates around due to the mass variety of species and ease of care. These arachnids are known for their trade-mark pinsors and large tail tipped with a stinger. Scorpions come in an immense variety. Some of the most common scorpions available as pets include Emperor scorpions, Asian forest scorpions, and Desert hairy scorpions. Species such as the three mentioned do not have a very potent venom yield, and tend to do better with handling due to that and their larger size. With that said, there are many other species available on the market, some having very potent venom that can cause health concerns, so it is important to research what species you’re getting yourself into. In general scorpions are not very keen on being held. These animals stress easily and can quickly become defensive if not handled properly. Allowing them to walk onto you works best, and can be done by lightly tapping them with tongs or a twig to crawl in the direction of your hand. Never grab a scorpion overhead, as this can scare it and cause defensive behavior. 

how to care for scoprions

Caring for your Scorpion

          Overall care for scorpions is very similar throughout all species. Their diet consists mainly of insects and can be fed one or two prey items per week. Prey does not need to be dusted with vitamins or calcium. Scorpions also do not need much heat, and do just fine in room temperature conditions. Size of the enclosure will vary as species come in many sizes, but standard terrestrial enclosures work great for scorpions. Invertebrate cases and small terrariums are solid enclosure choices. Besides diet and enclosure, scorpion care is divided into arid and humid species. Arid species such as desert hairy scorpions, will require a dryer setup. Sand or soil work great for substrate and keep misting at a minimum, giving a light mist once every few weeks, as most of their hydration comes from their food. Jungle species such as Asian forest scorpions will need a more humid environment. Soil and mulch work great to keep a humid environment and can be misted once a week to keep the scorpion well hydrated

scorpion care

Availability in the Pet Trade

          Scorpions are not hard to find at all, with many beginner species being readily available at affordable prices. Some popular species can be seen captive bred but wild caught animals are just as common to see on the market. Their small size and ease of care make them great nightstand or desk pets, on top of their up front affordability. They are interesting animals to feed and are fun to hold if done properly and safely. 




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