rat snake care sheet

Rat Snake Care Sheet

Rat snakes a.k.a Pantherophis obsoleta & Pantherophis sp.

rat snake care

Intro to Rat Snakes

Rat snakes are amongst the most popular pet snakes because they are generally docile and come in a variety of localities and morphs which feature color and pattern mutations. These American snakes are found in the throughout the majority of the United States. They are primarily ground-dwelling, but they are also found climbing trees. Rat snakes are extremely manageable for keepers of all experience levels as they reach 48inches+ depending on species. 


caring for rat snakes

Rat Snake Care

Keeping Rat snakes is fairly easy. You'll need a basking spot of 85-90°F, ambient temperature os 75-80°F, and 40-50% humidity. This can be easily achieved with an Under Tank Heater or Basking Lamp, a proper Water Bowl, and substrate (Aspen or Coco). Add a hide and decorate their enclosure as you please, decorations like foliage help with enrichment.

Breeders commonly keep their Rat Snakes in Rack Systems. Where they start off in "Pencil Bins" or 6 qt tubs, then graduating to 32 qt tubs. As pets, however, Rats can do well in tanks or pvc enclosures. Baby Rat snakes can start in a 10 gallon tank. Adults can live in a 40 gallon tank to a 4x2 enclosure. 


snake care sheet

Rat Snakes For Sale in the Pet Trade

Rat snakes are bred readily in captivity as they are extremely prolific and can double clutch during their breeding season. You can find these common snakes at almost any reptile show or reptile shop for sale. To breed these, it helps for them to go through a brumation cycle of about 2-3 months at ~60 degrees fehrinheight. After brumation, it is important to get your animal back on food. Once these animals are re-established, you may begin pairing!




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