plated lizard care sheet

Plated Lizard Care Sheet

Plated Lizard a.k.a Gerrhosauridae sp.
plated lizard care
Intro to Plated Lizards
Plated Lizards are medium sized, terrestrial lizards native to Africa. They can get ~2 feet long and have a heavily "armored" look on their body. With proper husbandry and care, they can live around 15+ years in captivity. Plated Lizard are a bold and hardy species and make great pets for keepers of all experience levels.
lizard care
Plated Lizard Care
Plated Lizards are primarily insectivores feeding readily on a variety of insects, but they will eat occasional fruit. Decorating their enclosures with foliage, caves, and logs will help them feel safe and offer enrichment. The minimum terrarium size for a Plated Lizard is a 4 x 2 x 2 enclosure. They do well with a hot spot of 110 degrees F, an ambient temperature of 75 degrees F, and a humidity level of ~60%. You can use a 10.0 UVB and dusting their food with multivitamins and calcium will help with proper growth. The last important component to their enclosure is a water dish and food bowl.
lizard care sheet
Plated Lizards For Sale in the Pet Trade
Plated Lizards are currently being noticed more and more in the pet trade! Though, not many Captive Bred specimens are available. Wild Caught Imported Animals are much more commonly available. Imported animals may have a negative stigma, these are brought in legally with proper paperwork and in quantities that are allowed through governing laws. 


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