pixie frog care sheet

Pixie Frog Care Sheet

Pixie Frogs a.k.a African Giant Bullfrogs or Pyxicephalus adspersus

pixie frog care

Pixie Frogs

If you're looking for a pet frog you may have asked yourself, should I get a Pixie Frog or a Pacman Frog? 

Pixie Frogs also called African Giant bullfrogs can be found in sub-saharan areas in Southern Africa. Pixie Frogs tend to live in areas that flood and retain water. During the dry months the frogs are forced to aestivate in order to save water. Male frogs can grow up to 10 inches making them the  second  largest frog!!  Females may range from 3-5 inches.  With proper care these frogs can live up to 25 years!! They have powerful jaws and  limbs making them a beefy frog!!  These ambush predators, both male and female alike, have “teeth” called odontoids in their mouth which help them capture prey.

how to care for pixie frogs

Pixie Frog Care

Pixie frogs are primarily terrestrial, but also require a shallow water area for soaking. When it comes to housing, a 5-10 gallon is generally okay for a baby, a 20-gallon aquarium is sufficient for an adult Pixie frog. The bottom of the tank should be lined with a substrate that is suitable for burrowing such as repti-soil by Zoomed (our favorite for pacman). In addition to this, Pixie frogs require a hiding spot, such as a hollow log or cork hide.

Pixie frogs thrive in temperatures between 77-82°F with a relative humidity of around 80-90%. Monitor temperature with a temperature gauge and monitor humidity with a hydrometer. It's important to avoid direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations in their habitat. An under-tank heater or a weak heat lamp can be used to maintain a consistent temperature. Always use a thermostat when adding heat to your frog. Pixie frogs should also have access to fresh, chlorine-free water at all times for soaking and drinking.

caring for pixie frogs

Pixie Frog Diet

A balanced and nutritious diet is important to keep Pixie frogs healthy. A varied diet of insects such as crickets, roaches, and hornworms, as well as appropriately-sized mice, should be offered on a regular basis. It's important to avoid overfeeding, and uneaten food should be removed from the tank to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Pixie frogs can be handled, but it's important to thoroughly wash your hands before and after interacting with them to avoid transferring any harmful bacteria. It's also important to avoid handling them too frequently as they can become stressed. As a final note, Pixie Frogs are unique and fascinating pets and can make great additions to any frog enthusiast's collection no matter your experience level.



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