frilled dragon care sheet

Frilled Dragon Care Sheet

Frilled Dragons a.k.a Frilled Lizards or Chlamydosaurus kingii

frilled dragon care

Intro to Frilled Dragons

Frilled Dragons are considered one of the most sought after pet lizards due to their impressive "frilled" defensive display. Frilled Dragons are as hardy as bearded dragons and can be handled regularly. They make rewarding pet reptiles when kept correctly.


frilled lizard care

Frilled Dragon Care

Frilled Dragons grow up to 2-3 feet in length and live 15+ years in captivity. These lizards are omnivorous, which means they eat both animal and plant matter. Insects and leafy greens are their staple diet. You may also give some fruits and even pinky mice as treats into adulthood. In the modern world of reptile keeping we also have access to manufactured diets, like pellets, white offer a balanced nutritional content. They will use a water dish, but we also recommend lightly misting your dragon or giving them routine soaks in shallow lukewarm water.

While hatchling frilled lizards start in a 20 gallon tank, they will need a 4x2x2 enclosure minimum into adulthood. These heat loving lizards need a basking spot of 100 degrees and an ambient temperature of 80 degrees. Their humidity should stay around 60-70%. A full-spectrum UVB light is important for frilled dragons to help with proper bone growth and calcium/vitamin absorption. 

 frilled lizard care sheet

Frilled Dragons For Sale in the Pet Trade

Frilled Dragons are native to native to northern Australia and southern New Guinea. Australian animals are just starting to become more in the USA pet trade. New Guinea animals are much more available as imports and as Captive Bred specimens. Though imported animals may have a negative stigma, they are brought in legally with proper paperwork and in quantities that are allowed through governing laws. 




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