dwarf python care sheet

Dwarf Python Care Sheet

"Dwarf" Antaresia Pythons a.k.a Childrens Pythons, Stimsons Pythons and Spotted Pythons

dwarf python care sheet

Intro to Antaresia Pythons

Dwarf Pythons a.k.a Antaresia Pythons are Australian Pythons that come in a few variations. The common ones are Children's, Stimson's, and Spotted's. Children's Pythons have an orange/brown coloration. Stimson's can have a bit of the Children's Pythons coloration with more of an "aberrant" pattern. Spotted pythons, like their name indicates, have spots and are a darker coloration. These pythons usually stay under 4 feet in length.


python care sheet

"Dwarf" Antaresia Python Care

Antaresia pythons are primarily ground dwelling but they will take advantage of vertical space. Babies can start in a 10 gallon tank and will grow into 4x2x2 enclosures as adults. These pythons need a solid hiding spot, water dish, and a basking spot. They need a basking temperature of 90-100 degrees F with an ambient temperature of 85 degrees F and ~40% humidity. You may use either an Under Tank Heaters to achieve proper heating. You may decorate their enclosure as you please, decorations like foliage help with enrichment. For Antaresia pythons we recommend Coco Mulch as a substrate.

dwarf python care

"Dwarf" Antaresia Pythons For Sale in the Pet Trade

Antaresia Pythons start to feed weekly on pinky mice and will move into jumbo mice into adulthood. They are known to be picky eaters as fresh hatchlings. Because of this not too many breeders work with these anymore. Like other pythons, these lay eggs once a year if bred and cared for properly. At Imperial, we make sure to only offer these Dwarf Pythons once they have taken a few meals with us. Owning these can be done with success for responsible keepers of any experience level.




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