cyclura iguana care sheet

Cyclura Iguana Care Sheet

General Cyclura Iguana care, additional research may apply.

cyclura iguana care

Intro to the Cyclura Iguana

Cyclura Iguana like Rhinos, Cuban Rocks, and Grand Cayman Iguanas are large iguanids that can get 4-7 feet. They are a social media hit as they can be known to be "puppy dog" tame when socialized.  These giant lizards are born with a lot of personality and are able to be housed in 40 gallon tanks, but as they age they need giant enclosures of 8-10 feet minimum. With proper care and enrichment they can make rewarding pets.

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Cyclura Iguana Care

Cyclura are found on rocks, walls, and beaches. They utilize vertical and horizontal space. You must decorate their enclosures with foliage, branches, and logs as this gives them security and enrichment. They need a basking temperature of ~100 degrees F, an ambient temperature of ~85 degrees F, and a humidity level of ~60%. Combine that with a full-spectrum UVB and your Iguana is ready for success! 

Daily or every other day feedings is recommended babies, after they are about a year old you should feed at least three times per week. Feed primarily greens like Spring Mix, Collard Greens, Romaine Lettice, Crated Green, Yellow squash, and carrots. You may also feed Mazuri Tortoise Chow weekly, and occasional insects (as a treat only). Lastly, provide daily clean water in a shallow dish.

iguana care sheet

Cyclura Iguana For Sale in the Pet Trade

Cyclura usually seen in the pet trade: 

Species Location


(C. cornuta)

Caribbean island of Hispaniola and its surrounding island


Cuba & Puerto Rico
Grand Cayman "Blue" 
(U. Lewisi)
Grand Cayman Islands


Of the large Iguanas, Cyclura make the best pet because they can be very docile. Due to that, they are sought after by many pet keepers and breeders. Iguanas can be difficult to breed without the proper enclosure, laying area, and a pair that gets along. We strongly recommend these iguanas for keepers with intermediate-advanced experience levels because if they are not worked with properly, they can do some damage!





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