centipede and milipede care sheet

Centipede & Millipede Care Sheet

General Centipede and Millipede general care for multiple species. Additional research may apply.


centipede care sheet

Centipede's and Millipede's For Sale

Centipedes are aggressive, and that makes them an interesting choice for a pet. Giant Centipedes are venomous and can be harmful to you or your other pets, with a bite causing swelling and lots of pain. If you’re looking for an insect to handle, this is definitely not the pet for you. It really is about what you’re looking for in a pet. Many keepers have insects because of an interest in observing their amazing behaviors and rarely handle them. If you’d like an insect to handle, a Giant Millipede would be a better option to consider. Although pet Centipedes do present a few obstacles, if you’re looking for an active, interesting pet and you’re happy to provide the specific care needs, a Giant Centipede could be the choice for you. 

centipede and millipede care sheet

Centipede and Millipede Care

The key to keeping any Giant Centipede or Giant Millipede successfully is to replicate their natural environment as best as you can. They thrive in warm and humid conditions, just like their natural habitat in the rainforest. They should be kept in a tall terrarium or a well ventilated tub. Heating the enclosure to the required temperature (70-74’ degrees fahrenheit)  and misted with water will create the necessary humidity. Temperature and humidity need to be consistently monitored to ensure the correct levels. In their natural environment,  Giant Centipedes spend their time burrowing through the damp dense leaf litter. Therefore, the enclosure needs to be set up with several inches of suitable substrate and log or bark hides to allow them to behave in a natural way. 

Feeding your centipede is the best part of keeping them as a pet (in my opinion). That's because Giant Centipedes are a predatory species, actively hunting their prey. Live Crickets and Roaches make the best staple. The occasional pinky mouse is okay too. This is something else to consider before you take on a Centipede as a pet. Make sure you have access to a good exotic pet store where you can get specialty food and supplies for your pet centipede.

millipede care sheet

Centipede's and Millipede's as Pets

If this doesn’t seem like it's for you, perhaps another pet might be more suitable. For example, Giant Millipedes don’t eat live insects and are similar to Centipedes and have similar care requirements. Spend time looking into as many pet insects as possible to be sure you are making the best choice for you and your family. 




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