ball python care sheet

Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball python a.k.a Python regius or Royal Python is a snake species native to West and Central Africa. This nonvenomous constrictor is one of the smallest of the African pythons.

ball python care sheet

Ball Pythons are the most popular pet snakes for MANY reasons. They do not get large, they are very easy to care for, they usually have an extremely docile disposition, and of course they come in a vast amount of color and pattern mutation. Ball Pythons for sale grew to popularity in the 90's as an investment opportunity for reptile breeders. As they hit the mainstream, people quickly found that not only can one make a living breeding ball pythons, but they make great pets for keepers of all experience levels.

ball python care sheet

Ball Python Care

Ball pythons have been noted to potentially reach sizes of 6 feet (for females), but they commonly get to 5 feet (females) and 3-4 feet (males). Hatchlings start to feed on fuzzy mice for their first three meals and move to hopper mice after that. You may change the size of their meal as they age from hopper to large mice, then moving into rats. Adult males will usually max out at small rats, and females will max out at medium rats. We recommend feeding your ball pythons every 7-14 days. Most people offer live pray as it may be difficult to get ball pythons on frozen thawed rodents, but it's possible for them to switch!

Breeders commonly keep their Ball Pythons in Rack Systems. Where they start off on v-15 or 6 qt tubs, then graduating to 32 qt or cb70 style tubs. As pets, however, Ball Pythons can do well in tanks or pvc enclosures. Baby ball pythons can start in a 10-20 gallon tank. Adults can live in a 4x2 enclosure. These pythons need a solid hiding spot, water dish, and a basking spot. They need a basking temperature of 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit with an ambient temperature of 82-85 degrees Fahrenheit and 60% humidity. We recommend Under Tank Heaters for Ball Pythons as opposed to basking lights. You may decorate their enclosure as you please, decorations like foliage help with enrichment. For Ball Pythons we recommend Coco Mulch as a substrate.

ball python care sheet

Availability & Breeding

If you've stepped foot into a reptile shop or a reptile show, you have seen a ball python for sale. Ball pythons are bred by the thousands every year. There are a variety of color and pattern mutations or "morphs" that can start at as low at $50 and over $100,000! Picking the perfect pet ball python is as easy as finding a color or pattern you like, then searching based on your price range. Ball Pythons come in Pieds, Clowns, Bananas, Albinos, Blue Eyed Lucys, and many more combos.

Breeding Ball Pythons has turned into a scientific process. Females usually reach maturity in 2-3 years and at 1500 grams. Males reach maturity a lot sooner at 6 months - 1 year and at 500-600 grams. You may introduce your male to your female and try to get a copulation every 3-4 weeks. These "locks" mixed with feeding your female weekly 1+ meals will grow her follicles. Follicles can be measure by using an ultrasound or by palpating. Once the follicles become eggs, your female will ovulate, go into shed, and lay eggs shortly after. We use vermiculite to incubate Ball Python eggs. Ball Pythons will hatch in 55-60 days with your incubator set to 90 degrees.



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