ackie monitor care sheet

Ackie Monitor Care Sheet

Ackie Monitor a.k.a Varanus acanthurus

ackie monitor care

Intro to Ackie Monitors

Ackie Monitors are dwarf Australian monitor lizards that make great pets. They grow roughly 2 feet, are easy to care for, generally docile, and primarily feed on a variety insects and occasional small rodents. You may find these in both Yellow and Red coloration. With proper care they can live 15+ years

monitor care sheet

Ackie Monitor Care

Ackie monitors are extremely active and make a great display pets. They will utilize every inch of their enclosure so it;'s important to give them both vertical and horizontal space. We recommend no smaller than 4ft x 2ft enclosure. Decorating their enclosures with foliage, caves, and logs will help them feel safe in their enclosure. You can even set up a stack of tile or brick in a fashion under their basking light that lets them go in between the crevices where they can thermoregulate. 

These desert dwelling monitors are found in arid habitats with sandy soil, which means they like it hot! We recommend basking temperatures of ~150 degrees F, an ambient temperature of ~90 degrees F, and a humidity level of ~50%. Combine that with a Desert UVB and your Monitor is ready for success. Keepers of all experience levels can keep these.

monitor care

Ackie Monitors For Sale in the Pet Trade

Being Australian means that you will not find Imported or Wild Caught Ackies in the USA pet trade because it is illegal to take wildlife in or out of Australia. Luckily for pet owners, these are commonly bred in Captivity. Though it does take a skilled hand to breed these monitors, they are extremely prolific once they get going. Ackie Monitors are the perfect pet for someone who wants a small, hardy, and docile Monitor Lizard.





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